HUNTER'S CLOCK SHOP - 40+ Years Experience Repairing All Types of Clocks

"For all your clock repairs, you can’t ask for better than Hunter Williams at HUNTER'S CLOCK SHOP. His work is meticulous – just perfection. Shortly after returning to Louisville from Florida, I called Hunter to repair and clean an old school clock of mine.  It now keeps perfect time, once again has a harmonious chime and is my pride and joy. The clock had fallen off the wall and he also repaired the wooden case so perfectly that you wouldn’t know it had ever been damaged. His work is thorough, prompt and very reasonable. What more can anyone ask for?" 
Naomi Gray  

"The repair on my clock was perfect and professional, this guy knows what he is doing, and who would have thought an upstairs space above a pizza shop would hold this mans workshop. I have taken another clock to him in worse condition and await the return of it.  One word of advice to folks is that the gentleman that runs the shop can come across as real unapproachable and mean, but one must overlook that this is just his demeanor.  Clock repair prices were also fair." 

"Over the years Hunter has serviced and repaired my grandfather clock and my antique mantle clock. He does excellent work and always shows up on time! Anyone whom I have sent to him with valuable antique clocks - that seemingly no one could repair - has thanked me for introducing them to Hunter. The bottom line is, if no one can make your clocks tick, Hunter can - because nobody knows and loves clocks like he does!!!"
Carl Key   

"To be honest I found HUNTER'S CLOCK SHOP in the Louisville yellow pages. I called him and he immediately made time that day for me to bring my clock over. Hunter was cordial and professional, and his shop could not deny his passion for clocks. He showed me his workshop, explained what needed to be done to my clock and provided a general estimate. He fixed those parts that were missing or broken and the clock works great now. I would not hesitate to return to Hunter’s Clock Shop to fix my cuckoo clock."
Dr. Charles Lee   

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