HUNTER'S CLOCK SHOP - 40+ Years Experience Repairing All Types of Clocks
Hunter's Clock Shop 
4058 Richland Avenue, Louisville, KY (502) 895-1106

Hunter's Clock Repair40+ years experience servicing and repairing thousands of antique, vintage and modern timepieces.  
"As one of the oldest clock repair businesses in the Louisville, KY area, I still enjoy the challenge of repairing the uncommon problems, to service the clock that someone cherishes, and to see their faces or hear their words when the clock is returned to them in working order."

Whether your clock just needs simple lubrication and adjusting, or a complete cleaning and rebuilding, you'll find Hunter’s Clock Shop is your clock’s best friend!

Important points to consider when choosing where to bring or send your clock for repair:  

We provide everything from routine maintenance to complete overhauls to insure your timepiece will operate as it's meant to for the greatest number of years possible.

Our customers can rest assured that their clock is special to us!  When entrusted to Hunter's Clock Shop, the clock will be repaired properly and will not be given a makeshift repair or "tinkered with."

The clock movement will be completely and thoroughly cleaned and all parts inspected and repaired or replaced as needed.  Everything is polished and oiled with high-quality clock oil and reassembled.  All clocks are bench-tested, timed, and adjusted, as required, before being returned to the customer.  These are all important points to consider when choosing where to bring or send your clock for repair. 

Special services:  House calls are scheduled in the afternoons to service large clocks, such as Grandfather Clocks.  If the service call requires the clock be taken to the shop, we safely remove the movement, leaving the case in the home to assure that the entire clock does not become subject to being transported back and forth.

We have serviced thousands of antique, vintage and modern timepieces of all types and description throughout the years; and though impossible to list them all, following is a partial list of those recently serviced:

  • Ansonia
  • Seth Thomas 
  • Herschede
  • Howard Miller
  • Ridgeway
  • Sligh
  • Japy Freres
  • Atmos
  • Gustav Becker
  • Lenzkirsch
  • Sessions
  • Waterbury
  • Gilbert
  • Ingraham
  • Smith
  • Hermle
  • Schatz
  • Kundo
  • Ithaca
  • Elliott
  • Emperor
  • Hammond
  • Telechron


Antique, Vintage & Modern clocks
  including, but not limited to ...

  • Cuckoo clocks
  • Grandfather clocks 
  • Grandmother clocks
  • Tall Case clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • Mantel clocks
  • 400 Day clocks
  • Electric clocks
  • Battery clocks
  • Ship's clocks
  • Mechanical clocks

When you need an inspection, cleaning, minor repair, or a complete overhaul on your treasured antique or new clock, stop by or give me a call!

Hours of Operation:
9 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Tue-Sat Afternoon house calls by appointment

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